Concepts announced the opening of its global flagship store in Boston at 18 Newbury Street. The 4,700-square-f00t store introduces immersive products alongside brand and digital experiences covering three floors in Boston’s Back Bay.

The flagship celebrates the streetwear retailer and brand’s Boston roots and community.

“​This is a historic moment for Concepts, especially as we head into our 25th anniversary. This flagship store is more than just a retail space and with Boston being our home, we’re proud to further infuse our DNA into the city​,” said Tarek Hassan, founder and CEO of Concepts.

Since its Boston founding in 1996 as one of the first retailers to blend the worlds of street, skate and fashion, Concepts has since expanded internationally with stores in New York, Dubai and Shanghai.

“During this unprecedented time, now more than ever, we are proud to invest in a retail expression that elevates the space and our brand in a bold new way– we’ve always been risk-takers, and we’ll bet on ourselves every time,”​ said Hassan.

Photo courtesy Concepts