Concept III, a provider of textile-based product solutions, named Clove Hitch as its lead global marketing agency.

For more than 30 years, Concept III has worked alongside leading mills and technology innovators to develop and source new materials for brands in the outdoor and activewear industries.

Specializing in the outdoor industry, Clove Hitch will handle all creative and strategic duties for Concept III. The Chicago-based agency is now charged with enhancing Concept III’s digital presence as well as developing an integrated, global campaign to reach key stakeholders among the world’s most trusted brands.

“Our focus has always been on innovation, technology, and design — the driving forces behind success in the outdoor business,” said David Parkes, founder and CEO of Concept III. “By partnering with Clove Hitch, we strongly feel that this will help us better connect marketing and technology to our customers so they can achieve greater success.”

“As this industry evolves, so too must Concept III,” said Chris Parkes, president of Concept III. “Clove Hitch understands full well how this industry is changing, and that’s why we trust their marketing direction for us. And aside from their creative prowess, they truly understand how to navigate and communicate in this multinational, multilingual industry.”

“The entire Concept III team is a source of trust, integrity and leadership in the performance fabrics space, so I’m excited they’ve looked to us to help move their business forward,” said Tony Valtos, president of Clove Hitch. “I’m confident that we have the creative and strategic expertise to cement Concept III in its rightful place as the go-to source of the industry.”