After the blitz of acquisitions it has conducted over the past few
years, Collegiate Pacific Inc. is changing its name to reflect its new
composition. The company will now be known as Sport Supply Group, Inc.
and will also change its stock ticker symbol from “BOO” to “RBI.” 
Collegiate Pacific closed its acquisition of Sport Supply Group, Inc.
last November after a tumultuous process that saw the company take a
73% share, then become mired in shareholder suits before finally
acquiring the company outright.

Adam Blumenfeld, chairman and CEO, stated: “While Sport Supply Group
will be the identity by which investors and vendors know the company,
customers will also continue to know us for our catalog brands such as
Collegiate Pacific, BSN Sports, US Games, and many others. Regarding
the symbol change, while it is with mixed emotions that we let go of
the BOO ticker symbol (as it is the name of the family dog), we are
happy to introduce a more sports-minded ticker: RBI.  Baseball is
a dominant component of our sports mix, and we expect the symbol to
resonate well with our customers, vendors and shareholders.”