Coleman has launched a new multimedia advertising campaign that “might
argue that it created the first social networking site” with its many
products that enhance the outdoor experience. Beginning with
commercials running on some of television’s highest-rated shows and ads
running in the nation’s most popular print and online publications,
Coleman’s campaign takes the “original social networking” message even
further with online initiatives and collaboration with the blogosphere.

Though Coleman may be responsible for the original social networking
site, the company is also now a part of the Internet’s largest
incarnation: Facebook. There, Coleman’s profile showcases original
content, special offers and interactive elements for its fans and
friends as well as information about free and easy-to-download
Coleman-specific apps for iPhones. As entertaining as they are
practical, these apps provide outdoors enthusiasts a connection to
their favorite pastime between trips. These apps include customizable
Coleman lanterns and lights that turn iPhones into a hand-held light
and a collection of fun and creepy campfire stories to entertain and
initiate face-to-face communication when camping or at any other time.

“Now, more than ever, people want to reconnect outdoors with friends
and family,” said Jeff Willard, Coleman’s Senior Vice President for
Global Marketing and New Product Development. “We help bring people
together, whether it’s with the traditional Coleman® lantern or on
their iPhone.”

Hollywood actor Sam Elliott will narrate Coleman’s newest series of
television ads. Utilizing his iconic and easily recognizable delivery,
Elliott speaks to all generations about the allure of time spent
together having fun outdoors in campsites.

See the new ads, hear the band Gomez as well as Elliott’s voice-over
and get additional information at To experience the
“original social networking site” campaign online and check out special
offers and unique features, go to Coleman’s page on Facebook by
entering “The Coleman Company” into the site’s search engine. Becoming
a “fan” is as simple as clicking a link; referring others is just as
easy. Facebook fans, or official friends on the site, can browse the
company’s profile and get up-to-date information on exciting offers
such as free apps, promotions and downloads; be the first to see new
online-only features, sneak peeks of the newest television commercials
and the latest must-have products to enhance the “original social
networking site.”

“We know Coleman didn’t really invent social networking,” said Rob
Strasberg, Chief Creative Officer for Doner Advertising, the agency
behind this new campaign for Coleman and a host of other national
brands. “But it’s true that Coleman helps people get together, share
experiences and do embarrassing things. Hey, wait a minute, maybe
Coleman did invent social networking.”

The 109-year-old company’s re-energized efforts to introduce and
reacquaint society to the benefits of spending time outdoors are
significant in their timeliness and relevance. With an increasingly
wired population living in an era of expanded workloads, decreased
personal time and other stress factors, the restorative and economic
values of outdoor activities are sometimes overlooked. With a message
that is fun, accessible and rooted in the knowledge that time spent
outdoors can lead to happier lives and stronger bonds with family and
friends, Coleman’s new “original social networking site” campaign is a
reminder that life should not be confined within four walls.