After recently establishing its Brand Ambassador Program to promote and sell its crown graphic technology on golf clubheads, ClubCrown by Vive has announced that they are quickly filling territory slots.
“The program is growing faster than we could have imagined,” says Andrew Glaser, Founder and CEO of the company. “We had 100 applications last week alone. We're finding passionate golfers who are well connected within their golf community. They love our product and believe in its potential. Our existing ambassadors' initial success is also a key to this incredible interest.”
Tampa-based Sandy McBride, for instance, became a Brand Ambassador in December. He exclaims that ClubCrown is “the coolest golf product I've seen in a long time, and customers go absolutely crazy for it. It's a blast doing demo days and watching the reactions, as I show golfers the possibilities that ClubCrown offers.”  Sandy's background is ideal for a brand ambassador: He's a life-long golfer and is hooked into his local golf community. In fact, he gives lessons at the local driving range where he hosts some of his demo days.  “I also play tournaments and coach collegiate golf,” says McBride. “This is a great way to make some extra money while I'm at the golf course!”
Then there's Joe Fucci, based in Gulf Shores, Ala., who became a Brand Ambassador last month. He “sells a ton of Auburn product and really all of the SEC teams sell like crazy. The company does a great job partnering with me and giving me all the materials and training I need to be successful, including banners, hats and shirts, demo product, business cards, etc. The ambassadors also have a great internal community. We all invite each other to play golf when we happen to be in someone else's area, and we have a fantastic message board where we can share best practices.”
There are still territories available for more Brand Ambassadors  Installed on the crown of a driver, wood or hybrid a ClubCrown offers golfers a chance to show their passion or team spirit, at a reasonable price. It's unprecedented and fits in seamlessly among the latest and growing trend of golfers personalizing their golf equipment. ClubCrown's finished quality is exceptional, and makes the club look as if it was custom-painted by the manufacturer. It also can make the club look brand new, regardless of its physical condition.
ClubCrown Brand Ambassadors become Master Installers through intensive training and education.  “When people watch the process of installing our high-tech films on clubheads, it invariably draws a lively and riveted crowd – much like a hot craps table,” says Bear Miller, Vice President and Director of the Brand Ambassador program.  “This also gets more people to buy.  The entire process is a lot of fun”.
Brand Ambassadors ideally set up a home base at a local pro shop or driving range, where they can place a product display with catalogs on the front counter. Ambassadors also establish satellite locations at pro shops and off-course shops around the territory, leaving pre-order forms at each location and then fulfilling those orders in a timely manner that fits their schedule.
Brand Ambassadors also:  support demo days at local courses and driving ranges; developing a large outing business; network into local golf associations; connecting with local media to create inexpensive marketing opportunities; marketing through social media; and pitching local high schools and colleges.
Bear Miller works with Brand Ambassadors to teach them ClubCrown's best practices to ensure early success.  Brand Ambassadors are also given access to our Ambassador Group web page where the community shares experiences. 
ClubCrown sets sales incentives and contests that result in free product and awesome prizes for Brand Ambassadors achieving specific sales levels. 

ClubCrown manufactures high-tech films that are professionally installed on the crowns of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. The New York-based company teaches retailers its patented 10-minute installation process. Consumers bring their clubs to ClubCrown's retail partners, to have the product installed. The films are available in hundreds of designs, colors, patterns, universities and logos. ClubCrowns are extremely durable and are highly resistant to bubbles, ripples and peeling. They add roughly one swing weight and are removable. Plus, they conform with USGA rules and conform to the Rules of Golf.
ClubCrown officially launched its product at Roger Dunn Santa Ana in July of 2012. The product is now being rolled out across the U.S. and internationally. All designs are available at