Club Champion opened its 100th fitting studio and said it’s on track to have 115 studios worldwide by the end of 2022.

Each fitting studio houses over 50,000 hittable head and shaft combinations from over 60 golf manufacturers.

“Five years ago, this felt like an impossibility,” said Club Champion Founder, Nick Sherburne. “We knew we had a concept that worked, and the data and customer feedback proved it. But to think that we would be an international brand, opening the 100th location, looking at more innovations and expansion—this feels incredible.”

Earlier in 2022, Club Champion announced the acquisition of Tour Experience Golf (TXG) in Canada, Golf Principles in the UK and PureForm Golf in Australia. The fitter has also expanded its footprint in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin, and entered into Arkansas and Idaho for the first time. Plans are in progress for additional studios in Connecticut, California and Georgia.

The company is headquartered in Willowbrook, IL.