Club Champion announced the acquisition of Canadian fitter and builder Tour Experience Golf (TXG).

“We are incredibly excited to bring Ian and his crew into the Club Champion family,” said Nick Sherburne, co-founder, Club Champion. “We’re looking forward to bringing the best of both our capabilities together to serve every golfer.”

This integration marks the first time that Club Champion will bring its club fitting services outside the U.S. It also represents an opportunity for the TXG brand to expand its custom club fitting services into the Canadian golf market and to bring crossover to the fitting content available for golfers from both brands.

“There has always been a mutual admiration between TXG and Club Champion,” said Ian Fraser, TXG’s founder. “We share a similar belief that every golfer deserves the best possible equipment for their game, and now we get to work together to further that message.”

The online presence of both brands is expected to be enhanced by this acquisition and allow both businesses to expand their content capabilities.

Club Champion has an in-house studio and production crew, while Fraser has built a digital platform through social channels, including YouTube. The existing content strategy will lend itself to Club Champion’s intended growth and both brands will work with each other to produce more content for golfers.

Photo courtesy TXG/Ian Fraser