ClimbZone, the Maryland-based rock climbing gym, unveiled a new franchise model and offering at the recent International Franchise Expo (IFE) in New York City.

ClimbZone started 10 years ago in New Zealand, opened its first U.S. indoor climbing center in Maryland in November 2014, and has since charted great success with the immediate community. Its custom-designed climbing walls feature various three dimensional themed designs ranging from a replica of Mt. Rushmore to an Egyptian tomb. The walls are each 28 feet high and utilize a hydraulic auto-belay system, which safely lowers climbers back down to the ground.  This system is both safe and simple to use for climbers of all ages.

The company recently released its “phase-one” growth plans, which include franchise locations near the major metro areas of the mid Atlantic and northeast corridor.

“We chose to award the first franchise locations close to our Maryland-based production facility, in order to properly support our new franchisee partners”, said ClimbZone Franchising LLC’s Chief Operating Officer, Keith Levenson. “Its very important for us to have franchise business partners that share our passion and vision for both the business and our brand.  ClimbZone offers a very unique, active, and healthy family entertainment experience, and we want to share that with the world.