The Climbing Wall Association, Inc (CWA) announced the formation of a workers' compensation insurance program for its members operating climbing faciliites.

The CWA learned that workers' compensation carriers began to mis-classify climbing facility employees in various states beginning last year. The reclassification of climbing facility employees caused rates for worker's compensation to sky-rocket. The CWA investigated and found a solution in conjunction with our insurance industry partners.

Stratus Insurance Services and Meadowbrook Insurance Group have agreed to implement a workers' compensation insurance program with proper classifications for climbing facilities exclusively for CWA members. With proper SIC classifications, workers' compensation rates should remain reasonable and stable over time. Meadowbrook Insurance Group is an established insurance company with an A.M. Best rating of “Excellent.” Stratus Insurance Services is the managing general agent in American Fork, Utah.

For more information and an application visit the association's website.