Clif Bar & Co. and the Sea Otter Classic have teamed up to purchase enough clean wind energy to offset all of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions resulting from participant travel to and from the event. Clif Bar and Sea Otter will offset nearly 748 tons of carbon dioxide. The two companies will purchase renewable wind energy credits or “green tags” from NativeEnergy, a renewable energy firm. The green tags will be used to fund new wind turbines that reduce the need for electricity generated by burning CO2-causing fossil fuels.

Clif Bar is also allowing participants to pitch in to offset the remaining CO2 emissions caused by Sea Otter spectator travel, onsite generators, race support vehicles and media. Clif Bar will offer $2 Cool Tags at its booth. Each Cool Tag funds enough clean wind energy to offset approximately 300 miles of car travel.

Other incentives will be given to Sea Otter athletes, spectators, vendors, sponsors, media, and volunteers to encourage them to do their part in helping to evolve the festival into a green event. These include premier reserved parking in the Paddock area for pedal powered vehicles, carpools (3 or more per vehicle), and hybrid vehicles.