Clarus Corporation announced the acquisition of the assets of SKINourishment Inc., the parent of climbOn. The acquisition provides an entry into the skincare category which, along with other sport-enhancing products, is a strategic focus of the company and a newly targeted high-growth potential category.

SKINourishment offers organic, 100 percent food-grade, plant-based skin products that are safe and effective, with distribution across 37 countries. Since SKINourishment’s products are made from plants and food-grade ingredients, they are cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegetarian, vegan and some are gluten free. Its products are sold under four brands—climbOn, crossFIXE, POLYN and POLYN baby. Clarus’ initial focus will be on the launch of seven climbOn products through its global distribution platform.

“Clarus has identified skincare, along with sport supplements, as a new category of focus with high-growth potential, and we believe that our acquisition of SKINourishment provides an important strategic entrance,” said John Walbrecht, president of Clarus. “Similar to our existing brands, SKINourishment has built a purpose-driven, ‘super fan brand’ dedicated to using the highest-quality organic ingredients. Its innovative and differentiated products have fostered product adoption at both the core user and athlete level, including strong loyal followers like climbing athlete Tommy Caldwell.

“These important qualities provide Clarus with a platform to grow SKINourishment’s existing portfolio, while targeting other sport-enhancing products using natural, organic, cannabis-infused, or alternative ingredients. We believe that we are uniquely capable to do so given our global brand ambassador team and distribution footprint, our commitment to innovation and a strong focus on sales and marketing.”

In 2012, Polly Glasse founded SKINourishment to house all four brands under the same umbrella. She will remain the leader of SKINourishment’s product innovation under Clarus’ ownership. Commenting on the opportunity, she said: “We are proud to offer plant-based products for the largest organ in your body–your skin. We couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Clarus family as they are a partner with the same values and ethics as our great company.”

SKINourishment is based in Wimberley, TX. Its synthetic-free skincare products are made with food grade ingredients and effective for adults, children and animals, and are safe for our environment. More information can be found at

Financial terms of the asset acquisition were not disclosed.

Clarus Corporation owns Black Diamond, Sierra and Pieps.