CKO Kickboxing President and Founder Joseph Andreula, leader of the fast-growing fitness franchise based in America, shared three tips on behalf of his company that would help the fitness-minded consumers achieve their New Year goals.

The advice also stands to benefit franchise locations, helping owners get new members in the door.

  1. Do something that they would look forward to and consider fun. “At CKO Kickboxing people love kicking and punching the bags and many consider it one of the best hours of their day,” Andreula said.
  2. Be in a community that’s non-competitive like a fitness class. “At CKO Kickboxing, people love the social aspect of working out. They encourage each other to come regularly and members become friends. They feel like they will be letting their friends down if they don’t come. If they miss classes – due to illness or work travel or another reason – people ask if they are OK. In fact, many people join CKO Kickboxing after first being introduced to the gym by a friend,” he added.
  3. Make sure the workout is total body. “People who come to CKO Kickboxing see results quickly because each class can burn up to 1,200 calories while toning every major muscle group.”

CKO Kickboxing recently opened several gyms in the Los Angeles area, Manhattan, Miami, Myrtle Beach, San Antonio and Doylestown, PA.