Chick’s Sporting Goods, the SoCal-based big-box retailer, has inked leases for three new stores in newly-planned power centers in the Southern California market.

Chick’s received a $4 million cash infusion in June 2005 from Nogales Investment Fund, which also invested in Oregon-based GI Joe’s.

Company CEO Jim Chick said at the time that the investment would enable the retailer to accelerate growth plans, potentially adding four stores over the next two years. He said three to four a year would be the maximum number they would attempt.

“Our format works because we can be in the stores every week,” said Chick in a June interview with SEW. “We have to be close to the customer.”

A 45,000 square foot store is planned for Thousand Oaks, Calif. and another is slated for Manhattan Beach, Calif. The third, a 60,000 square foot store, has been confirmed for Temecula, Calif. Two of the stores are expected to open in late 2006, while the third is scheduled for early 2007.

Chick’s Sporting Goods reported sales of $92 million for the fiscal year ended June 30, posting pre-tax earnings of $1.15 million for the year. Chick’s currently operates eleven stores from Los Angeles to San Diego.