Chaco's ReChaco program, known for giving sandals (and now shoes) a second life, has reached another large milestone with its 20,000th repair, since moving to Wolverine World Wide facilities.

In nearly seven months, the team was able to salvage another 10,000 pairs of sandals, keeping them on their wearer's feet for even more adventures, rather than in the landfill. The 20,000th customer's sandals are receiving a free repair with ReChaco. Based in Rockford, Michigan, ReChaco has 12 year-round employees including a four-person call center. During the busy season (when 700 sandals arrive on average weekly) they bring in four extra staff members.

“We are always looking for ways to progress Chaco's environmental capabilities and programs like ReChaco help accomplish this goal,” said Whitney Conner, brand manager at Chaco. “Through ReChaco we can help save the soles of many adored sandals and shoes so our fans truly can spend a lifetime of adventures in that one favorite pair. ReChaco is not just a resole and repair business, instead it is an emotional experience that allows us to further connect with our consumers.”

“I first became a Chaco fan about eleven years ago when I was being led through Krause Springs in Texas by a friend who was striding confidently through the water in her Chacos,” said Bob Gent, the 20,000th ReChaco customer. “After, I got my first pair and drove them into the ground. This pair lasted up until about year ago, through miles of motorcycle riding, hiking, camping, glassblowing, and other everyday use. The pair I'm having repaired now is nearly as old, and as it's been my “good” pair, they have lasted much longer, and were in good enough shape to be repaired when the strap finally wore out. I am thrilled that this company repairs their products, so I can get some more good use out of them before finally consigning them to the great beyond.”

Cost of repairs is dependent on outsole and webbing type unless the shoes are not covered by Chaco's lifetime warranty. Once sandals are received, turn-around time is approximately five business days.

Chaco is a brand within the Outdoor Group, a division of Wolverine World Wide, Inc. that also includes Merrell and Patagonia Footwear.