CenterStone Technologies has launched the iVendix B2B Ecommerce solution for Patagonia Europe. Patagonia’s European clients can now preview the Spring/Summer 08 collection on their new Internet-based Customer Service tool. This free service allows retailers to consult inventory, check product details, place orders and follow the status and shipping of their orders online, 24/7.

Dealers can order through this web application 24/7 in six languages and local currencies.

iVendix has been live for Patagonia Europe dealers since February 1. To benefit from this service, dealers can log on to iVendix ( ; ; ;, etc.) with their personal access codes and choose Patagonia among the available suppliers.

“Customer service has always been a top priority for Patagonia. We interact with hundreds of specialty retailers in Europe every day, and could clearly see the need to offer them the ability to conduct business in a convenient and seamless way. Therefore, Patagonia Europe was looking for a reliable, multilingual, and multi-currency business-to-business (B2B) solution. With years of experience in our industry, iVendix was a natural answer. With iVendix, our dealers will be able to manage their orders 24/7 and access our inventory in real time. This should allow Patagonia Europe to increase its in-season sales, and customer service staff to provide more pro-active service. From an environmental point of view, we are also hoping that the B2B platform will limit the exchange of paper documents with our dealers. Having the best products and causing the least amount of harm to the environment has long been the ethos of Patagonia; we are now working to contribute further to the  success of our specialty retailers with the iVendix B2B ordering tool”, said Nate Smith, VP of International at Patagonia.