Flexible carbon fiber composites company Carbitex reported it made changes to its leadership and manufacturing to “further strengthen its position in the market and enhance the customer experience both in the United States and abroad.”

In a strategic shift in manufacturing operations, company founder Junus Khan, shown bottom right, is stepping back into the role of company president, and the company hired Patrick Sinner, shown right, to lead brand product development.

To ensure “seamless operations” and its ability to “handle projects of any size,” the company shifted its manufacturing process and location. By outsourcing manufacturing operations to Asia, Carbitex said it “can operate close to brand manufacturing centers for increased efficiency, reduced lead times and local support,” which also allows Carbitex’s U.S. lab to “fully dedicate its resources to engineering and innovation, bringing new technologies to market and providing enhanced development support to brand partners.”

After spending the last five years laying the groundwork in Asia and working with partner factories to integrate Carbitex’s technology into commercial-ready products, “Khan’s experience and vision for the brand are expected to be invaluable as the company navigates this important phase.”

“It’s a rare opportunity to be in a position to reformat a business with the benefit of hindsight while carrying forward the successes,” said Khan. “Our new structure enables us to focus on our core—technology development, sales and marketing. I’m excited to be running the company again.”

As the previous head of footwear at SquareOne, Carbitex said, “Sinner planned, designed and engineered products and spent over 300 days in Asia bringing those products to life.”

“Having worked with Patrick as a customer for the past eight years, it is exciting to now have the opportunity to work together at Carbitex. It is exceedingly uncommon to find someone like Patrick in the footwear space. His combination of engineering, design, and manufacturing experience brings a comprehensive skill set and a complementary perspective to our team,” said Khan.

Photos courtesy Carbitex