Cannondale Sports Group (CSG) has promoted Rory Mason to the position of global director of sports marketing. In his new role, Mason will oversee all of the sports marketing for CSG brands (Cannondale, GT, Schwinn and Mongoose) and will create distinct programs that support each individual brand.


“Ive seen myself as a sort of Dave Stoller from Breaking Away. Growing up in Iowa, singing classical music in multiple languages, and always a fan of pro cycling,” said Mason. “I learned Italian in Florence, Italy, during college, knowing I wanted to work in the pro cycling scene.”


Mason, based in Basel, Switzerland, has been with Cannondale since January 1993 and in late 2004, took over sports marketing management full time and moved to Basel in 2005. Mason started with Cannondale as an account manager in the Midwest and after eight years he transitioned to managing the Cannondale website. In this role he managed the 8000-page site in six languages, and coordinated two major re-launches. During this entire time, whenever the Saeco professional cycling team came to the US he would travel and translate for them. He was then called upon to help more and more with sports marketing, and transitioned to the fulltime role of Sports Marketing Manager in 2004.


Cannondale Sports Group is a Division of Dorel Industries.