CamelBak said delegates and attendees of the United Nations Climate Change Conference are using CamelBak reusable, BPA-free Better Bottles as a climate-friendly alternative to disposable cups and single-use plastic water bottles.

The company said more than 750 CamelBak bottles are being used at the Bella Center, host venue of the 15th annual Climate Change Conference.

The CamelBak bottles are adorned with a distinct, two-sided graphic enabling representatives to express their reactions to the deliberations.  The graphics are based on the fable from Danish author Hans Christian Anderson, “The Emperor's New Clothes.” On one side, the emperor is in his robe while the flip side shows him naked but for a banner with a simple statement expressing discontent.

Attendees are encouraged to express support or disagreement using the CamelBak bottle by putting forward the clothed emperor when delegates speak the truth and displaying the emperor without clothes to oppose charades and proposals that seem to be based on “fairy tales.”

“We believe this could be the first water bottle that not only helps the environment, but could also help shape climate policy,” said Peter Bahouth, Executive Director of the U.S. Climate Action Network. “We hope this simple demonstration will help promote real leadership and climate policy that has a profound and positive impact for future generations.”

“Each year, Americans alone dispose of more than 50 billion plastic water bottles, and only a fraction of those are recycled,” said Sally McCoy, CEO for CamelBak. “Drinking from a reusable water bottle is an easy way for anyone anywhere to make a positive environmental