Cadence Performance Cycling Centers, home to the nation's first expansion of the renowned Carmichael Training Systems, will open its first Center in April at 4323 Main St. in Manayunk, not far from cycle racing's legendary Manayunk Wall.

The specially designed bi-level interior, created by architect Cam Lacey of Wayne, PA, will for the first time in the Philadelphia area provide avid cyclists with exclusive brands of many of the world's finest cycles and cycle components. Prices will range from $1,400 to $2,000 for pre-built bikes and $1,800 to $15,000 for custom-built bicycles.

Cadence owners and partners Jay Snider, Matt Heitmann and Brian Walton have entered into an exclusive partnership with CTS to operate the nation's first bicycle-specific CTS Performance Center. Founded by Lance Armstrong's personal coach, Chris Carmichael, CTS is the world's leading provider of endurance athlete training and coaching programs. Walton, a three-time Olympian and one of the most successful cyclists in North American bike racing, will oversee the operations of the CTS facility.

Other interesting aspects of the Cadence complex on Main St. will be a section devoted to the latest in international cycling apparel for men and women; mechanical and bike fitting services by trained and certified specialists; and a travel center operated by EuroCycler and DuVine Adventures.

As avid cyclists, founding partners Jay Snider, Founder and Managing Partner of Snider Capital in Ardmore, PA, Chairman and CEO of Venue 1 in Wayne, PA, and former President of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Matt Heitmann, former academic, local businessman and a cycle road racing participant, undertook the Cadence concept to satisfy the needs of prominent cycling communities.

“We wanted to create a distinctive concept – performance cycling centers – that unconditionally cater to cyclists' every need. From the rarest cycle component to travel packages, we will deliver 100 percent. We'll ensure that each customer is treated like a pampered professional. Professional products, professional training and professional service, all in one place. That's our concept,” Heitmann explained.