The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed the lawsuit against Slide Fire Solutions and other unnamed manufacturers of “bump stock” devices on behalf of victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The lawsuit  was filed on behalf of three Nevada residents with the manufacturers charged with negligence leading to the infliction of emotional distress on thousands of people who witnessed or were injured in the October 1 shooting at a Las Vegas music festival. It does not involve the injuries that hundreds of people suffered as a result of the shooting, or the families of the 58 people who were killed.

The lawsuit claims Slide Fire, the leading manufacturer of such devices, misled federal authorities by marketing its bump stocks as devices intended to aid people with limited hand mobility to be able to sell them under federal law. According to the Associated Press, Slide Fire t then “marketed them to thrill-seeking gun enthusiasts who wanted the experience of firing a fully automatic weapon that is otherwise greatly restricted under federal law.”

The lawsuit said the company acted with fraud, oppression and malice toward plaintiffs and showed an intention and willingness to injure people. The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified punitive damages and approval of a supervised program of psychological monitoring for everyone affected by the shooting at the expense of Slide Fire.