In a move that will allow Original Buff Headwear to be more responsive to its U.S. dealers as it expands the brand in North America, the Barcelona-based manufacturer of the world’s most versatile performance headwear will begin warehousing products in the U.S. in 2006 and will also offer a U.S.-specific catalog. In addition, new digital printing capabilities have allowed Buff Headwear to reduce the minimums on its custom Buff program from 300 pieces to 25, offering custom logo opportunities on Buff Headwear for smaller events and programs.

The new warehousing operation will result in retailers being able to place smaller orders for Buff products, will allow Buff to deliver products to U.S. dealers more quickly when they place an order, and will remove dealers from any paperwork and customs obligations associated with international shipping.

“We heard from many of our dealers that being able to place smaller Buff orders more frequently would allow them to respond more easily to sell-through, and we listened,” said Shirley Choi Brunetti, who oversees sales and marketing for Buff from its Petaluma, Calif., office. “The new U.S. warehouse has the additional benefit of allowing us to reduce the shipping and transit time when a dealer places an order.”

The new warehouse and shipping facility will be located in Boston and will be operational in July 2006. Until then, Buff will continue to ship products direct from its manufacturing facilities outside Barcelona.

Choi Brunetti said the new Custom Buff program also will allow the company to be more responsive to customers. Buff often has requests for customized designs in orders smaller than its previous minimum of 300, she said, and digital printing capabilities allow the company to produce customized products efficiently in smaller numbers.