Buck Knives announces the transition to a new updated website, mobile access user-friendly navigation, a new look and the Custom Knife Builder filled with more knives to customize with unique handles and blade treatments.

The Custom Knife Builder will now offer the 113 Ranger Skinner and 112 Ranger in addition to the 110 Folding Hunter, 501 Squire, 503 Prince, and the 505 Knight. Users can customize their knives with different blade, handle, bolster, and rivet options, as well as custom engraving. Custom handle materials include, but are not limited to, Stag, Elk, Cherrywood, Waterbuffalo, and American Oak. These options, along with the many others, allow customers to create a one-of-a-kind knife tailored to fit their needs.

“Weve known for some time an update was needed, so we made this a priority for 2014,” said Buck Knives Marketing and Communications Manager Stephanie Young. “Some of our goals were creating a responsive design, better incorporate social platforms, provide more pertinent product information and create a better user experience from navigation through check-out. We are very pleased with the end result.”