BSN Sports has completed the acquisition of Westside Team Sports,LLC.  based in Santa Monica, CA.  Westside Team Sports, privately owned and operated since 2010, is a leading distributor of team apparel and equipment in southern California. Prior to this acquisition WTS was a member of the Sports INC. buying group.

We are thrilled to welcome the men and women of WTS to the BSN Sports family, said Adam Blumenfeld, the companys Chairman and CEO. Ari, Rich, and Chad are everything we look for in partners. Their commitment to service, excellence and growth is a perfect cultural fit with the 450+ sales professionals we have nationwide. We look forward to a terrific future together.

Chris Martin, owner of WTS, commented: WTS has been a service-oriented company since its inception, and its clear that BSN Sports is also fanatical when it comes to taking care of the customer.  We love joining a team where, despite the incredible growth, almost every sales pro that comes aboard, stays aboard! You dont see that kind of loyalty or longevity in many places anymore, and Im excited the Westside team will get to contribute to BSNs fast-paced culture and family atmosphere.

Blumenfeld concluded: Despite the fact weve added 5 new distributors in the last 4 months, and over 100 new sales pros to the company within the last year, our mission remains much more about quality than quantity. We are in constant pursuit of individuals and companies who share a passion for changing the way team sports is serviced in America, and having  a ton of fun while doing it. This would be impossible without the tireless efforts of Tevis Martin, our Executive Vice President; Bob Dickman-Director of Acquisitions; Michael Caravati-Director of Recruiting, and the numerous support and transition teams that make it all happen without missing a beat. We are adding valued new sales professionals weekly in states from coast to coast. We will continue to seek out partners who share our core values and have a passion for building lifelong relationships with customers.