Brown Shoe Company, Inc. plans to close its Sikeston, MO, distribution center in 2012, as part of its ongoing portfolio realignment efforts. The phased closure is expected to begin in May and conclude in October. During this time, functionality will move to other locations, as the company works to reduce excess capacity in its distribution network.

“The decision to close this facility was difficult and is in no way a reflection of the skills and abilities of the Sikeston team,” said Mike Kauffman, senior vice president of global supply chain management for Brown Shoe Company. “However, the industry landscape continues to change, and we must adapt and evolve to remain competitive.”

Sikeston Associates are being encouraged to apply for open positions with the company, and an on-site career center is being created to assist employees in their internal and external job search efforts. For the Associates ultimately impacted by this structural change, a severance package will be provided.