Matt Brooks, president and founder of Brooks-Range
Mountaineering Equipment has been awarded the AMGA Presidential
Gold Medal, the highest award of the American Mountain Guides
Association (AMGA).  Brooks was given the award during the annual
International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA)
Conference that took place in Boulder, Colorado on Nov. 16, 2010.  In
addition to this award, Matt Brooks was also appointed as a member and
chair of the Presidents Council of the AMGA.

The Presidential
Gold Medal is designed to recognize individuals who have made an
especially meritorious contribution to the mission and interests of the
mountain guiding profession and the AMGA.  Though this great honor may
be awarded for singular acts of momentous import, it is generally
granted for a lifetime of service or at the conclusion of a
distinguished career.

“It's been my honor and pleasure to be a
part of the AMGA,” says Matt Brooks. “It's all about the people, and the
people of the AMGA are an extraordinarily dedicated group who have made
tremendous strides over the last thirty years, playing a central role
in establishing and advancing the mountain guiding profession in the
United States.”

In addition to the award, Brooks was also been
appointed a member and chair of the Presidents Council of the AMGA,
which is made up of past presidents of the organization. This council
works to ensure the highest quality for future leadership of the AMGA
though its advice and guidance. The committee members are granted a
lifetime position and are considered to be well-regarded leaders in the
mountaineering community.