The Boston Athletic Association announced a “no bags policy” for the 2014 Boston Marathon to expedite security checks and promote overall safety at the race in the wake of last year's bombing.

The policy bans participants from bringing their own bags to the race. Instead, runners will be given an opportunity to stash a change of clothes or other personal gear in a clear plastic bag B.A.A. will provide when they pick up their race numbers near the finish line on Boston Commons.


“Only this B.A.A.-provided, clear, plastic bag can be used for this purpose,” according to a copy of the new policy posted on the association’s website. “No other bags will be accepted. Any items that you would like to have with you at the conclusion of the race must be placed inside the clear, plastic bag that the B.A.A. will provide for you.”


The B.A.A. also said that no bags will be allowed on buses from Boston to the starting line for the race in Hopkinton, and bags will not be transported from Hopkinton back to Boston. Nor will bags be allowed in certain areas at or near the start in Hopkinton, at or near the finish in Boston, or along the course. At the conclusion of the race and new for 2014, the B.A.A. will provide you with a Heatsheet Warmth Retention Cape for warmth.

The new policy is among several announced by B.A.A. in the wake of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and injured 260. B.A.A. has been working for months with local, state and federal public safety agencies to coordinate security for this year’s race.