Boccieri Golf named Alan Pouyat as VP of sales and marketing to help service rapidly-growing, worldwide demand for the company’s Heavy Putter.

Pouyat will oversee Boccieri Golf’s corporate and independent sales force, relying on his extensive sales, marketing and operations management experience. He will also direct the company’s promotional activities, including its PUTTLAB Tour ’07 that visits more than 500 golf retail stores in 40 states to analyze golfers’ putting strokes and educate them and retailers about the Heavy Putter’s game-enhancing technology. Pouyat has the incredible fortune to have Richard Massey, Director of Tour Operations / Promotions, and Andrew Crum, Director of National Accounts, to help achieve his goals.

“Al’s strong leadership and organization skills are tremendous assets to our brand,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf and inventor of the Heavy Putter. “I love to take talented individuals form other industries and plug them into the golf industry; it brings a whole new dimension to the business. Al’s direction of the PUTTLAB Tour, in particular, will help re-define how sales staff nationwide engage consumers to choose the right putter for their games.”

Prior to joining Boccieri Golf, for more than 25 years Pouyat supervised more than 120 employees as General Manager for Stevens’ Auto Group in Milford, CT. In that role, he directed multiple dealerships and was repeatedly recognized for outstanding sales, customer service and satisfaction.

“I’m very excited to combine my passion for the game of golf with my education and quarter century of experience in sales and marketing,” says Pouyat. “Boccieri Golf is truly a first-class organization, and my mission is to further develop our retail network to get even more players to try and realize for themselves that the Heavy Putter is dramatically superior equipment.”