Renowned putter designer Bobby Grace is back in the business of making the “most innovative putters in the world” with the formation of The Bobby Grace Company one year after his exit from MacGregor Golf.

After leaving his position with MacGregor Golf Company in June of 2008, Bobby Grace and his team of engineers, designers, and craftsmen have been working on the next generation of Bobby Grace putters that will arrive in retail stores in the fall of 2009.

“Our new line focuses on our proprietary insert material called HSM which stands for Hole Seeking Material” said Brian Mikosz, who is back with Bobby as his Chief of Engineering and R&D.  Bobby Grace added “HSM is the most forgiving insert on earth”. When you combine the new HSM inserts with the extremely high MOI properties that Bobby Grace has been famous for, the new line-up of Bobby Grace Putters is sure to be a hit with Tour Players and golfers of all skill levels.

Dwight Hansen, who is serving as the new company’s VP of sales, noted that the new company will have both the Classic Series with retail pricing expected to be $129 and the AMG Series which is expected to be retailed at $250. Both series will be available later this year. Bobby Grace Putters will also be launching The Handmade Collection in Spring 2010 with a very limited series of personal handmade putters.

After Grace's departure MacGregor Golf retained ownership of all trademarks and other rights associated with Bobby Grace Putters and the name Bobby Grace. 


There was wide speculation that Grace would not be out of work for long and companies like Nike Golf and/or Bridgestone Golf would make a play for the famed putter designer. 


A spokesman for Bobby Grace putters said Grace agreed to terms about two months ago to purchase from MacGregor manufacturing machinery and the rights to the Bobby Grace name after it was announced MacGregor would be acquired by Golfsmith.