BN3TH Apparel has revamped its U.S. sales team starting with Matt Keenan as director of sales for North America and Mike Loughlin as U.S. key account manager.

Over the past few months, Matt and Mike have solidified its rep force of 15 agencies covering all territories: Rob Aragon, PACNW, CA; Jason Martin, Norcal, NV; Chad Van Valkenburg, LA /Boston Titensor, OC; Jordan Mead and Connor Carpenter SD, Southwest/ Las Vegas; Brandon West, Rockies; Mike Lowder, Midwest; Chris Thomas, South; Brian Vaught and Brandon Boehm, Great Lakes; Jim King, Northeast; Aubrey Dilatush, Mid-Atlantic; Becky and Chip Clark, Florida/TN; Craig Frick, Hawaii; Michael Sakaba.

“Matt and Mike have put together the best of the best in each territory made up of industry legends, road warriors and territory brand building magicians. It’s what’s beneath that counts, and every representative envisions the same exciting opportunity as we do for this brand. It makes working as a team, executing and growing on a daily basis, so much fun,” said Darren Hawrish, CEO.

In the last few months while onboarding new reps the sales team has opened the following dealers: Hansen’s, Sun Diego, Surf Ride, Atacama, Surfside Sports, Berdel’s, Evo, Sturtevanrts, Socks and Bottoms, BC Surf and Sport, IWS, Matter of Fact, 7th St Surf Shop, Heritage Surf, and Sport.

“It’s a true blessing to be here leading this incredible A+ sales team. The experience and depth we now have in each territory are going to set the brand up for massive long-term growth. The deep relationships they have built over the years as the best in sales, service and partnerships are something every brand strives to align itself with. We are looking forward to building and working with an amazing dealer network and to developing a massive end of the year for 2020 and beyond,” said Matt Keenan.

Photo courtesy BN3TH