Blue Heron Communications, a full-service, outdoor-specialty marketing and public relations agency, announces a strategic partnership with Winchester® Safes, manufacturer of a full line of firearm safes and safe accessories.

As its agency of record, Blue Heron will serve as the day-to-day point of contact for all media inquiries related to Winchester Safes while implementing a host of marketing communications and public relations efforts to educate media and consumers about the brand’s diverse line of safes, storage capabilities and enhanced protective features.

“As a fixture in this industry for more than 25 years, Blue Heron’s reputation precedes it,” said Kyle Waters, CEO of Winchester Safes. “Blue Heron’s staff of talented, experienced professionals provides them with the credibility needed to engage our customer base on multiple levels.”

 “Gun ownership carries a high level of responsibility to insure that each firearm is carefully maintained and protected,” said Gary Giudice, Blue Heron’s president and founder. “Winchester Safes meet these stringent levels of security, against intrusion as well as natural disasters, ensuring your firearms will always be protected.”