Blink Fitness, which has more than 50 gym locations in New York and New Jersey, began a month-long program in which the mirrors in each club will be covered, prompting members to think about how exercise makes them feel versus how it makes them look.

The challenge is called “Monday Without Mirrors,” and supports the chain’s ethos of “Mood Above Muscle.”

Earlier this year, Blink Fitness launched their “Every Body Happy” spreading the message that everyone, of all shapes and sizes, deserves to feel their best. With summer and “swimsuit season” on the horizon, this message is more important than ever to help people think about fitness differently, and kick off summer with a healthy mindset, said a Blink representative.

“Fitness has never been just about looking a certain way for us,” said Todd Magazine, president, Blink Fitness. “Through our ‘Monday Without Mirrors’ initiative, we’re encouraging our members to take a stand with us—that exercise is good for our health. It’s good for our minds. It builds confidence.  It’s not just about what you see in the mirror.”

Video courtesy Blink Fitness