BioLite Inc., the Brooklyn, NY, company devoted to “personal-scale” energy use, grew its line of 2016 products to include three new offerings designed to “reformat the way you burn power and plug-in outdoors,” the brand said, and to decrease our energy footprint.

Leading the lineup is the PowerLight Mini, $45, a credit card-sized rechargeable lantern and power bank that can be taken and used anywhere.

The PowerLight Mini shines a bright 135-lumens, standing as a possible alternative, and still hands-free, to traditional headlamps. The design is ultra-slim, clippable and uses BioLite’s edge-lit technology that provides evenly-distributed shine. These features add up to a dual use light for outdoor functional tasks and social hangouts. Its 1300mAh rechargeable battery also gives a boost to phones and other gear when users need a quick hit of power.

“We created it for a growing group of consumers who don’t look at their gear as siloed usage occasions, but instead seek tools that can fit into their lives in an everyday, fluid way,” said Jonathan Cedar, BioLite co-founder and CEO.

The company is also introducing the SolarPanel 5, $60, and 5+, $80, BioLite’s first offering in the solar category.

These solar panels deliver five watts of high-efficiency, monocrystalline electricity, with added onboard battery storage in the 5+. This high energy capacity is credited to the Optimized Sun System, a patent-pending integrated sun dial and 360-degree kickstand that enables users to orient panels for maximum efficiency.

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“We watched how users were interacting with existing solar panels and found that, on average, folks received 30 to 40 percent less power than they could due to improper alignment with the sun,” Cedar added.

The last BioLite addition for 2016 is the CookStove, $100. A streamlined version of BioLite’s CampStove, made at a more approachable pricepoint. It uses wood to create a gas-like cooking experience. “We designed for a camper who wants to leave gas canisters behind and enjoy the benefits of a smokeless portable campfire,” Cedar said.

Sometimes the simplest solutions, from eliminating the need for gas canisters to making a light that also charges your phone, are the ones that make the most sense.