BioLite, the manufacturer of off-grid energy products, reported it acquired MPowerd, a solar lighting and charging company and maker of the Luci line of inflatable solar lanterns.

“We are thrilled to join forces with MPowerd and create the most impactful energy brand in the outdoor industry,” said BioLite CEO Jonathan Cedar. “From a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts to a global network of nonprofit and humanitarian partners, MPowerd brings both world-class lighting products and a deep sense of mission, making it the perfect addition to the BioLite family as we embark on our next chapter of growth.”

For the past decade, BioLite has expanded from a flagship thermoelectric camping stove to a full suite of off-grid energy products for cooking, charging and lighting.

MPowered uses a similar business model with its lanterns, mostly in humanitarian settings. Under one roof, BioLite reported it will “maximize its impact by leveraging the collective expertise of both market- and humanitarian-driven partnerships.”

Co-founded in 2012 as a B Corp and Benefit Corporation by John Salzinger, MPowered CEO Seungah Jeong and the sales and marketing departments will join the BioLite team. Jeong will be appointed general manager for all outdoor markets, bringing her expertise to BioLite’s portfolio.

In 2025, the MPowered brand will phase out with the future-facing product line appearing under a single BioLite brand, including Luci inflatable solar lanterns.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join BioLite in our shared mission to deliver Energy for All,” said Jeong. “Energy sits at the center of our lives, from lighting up a campsite to running a local business. With our combined strengths, we will become the most scaled social enterprise in the outdoor industry, supercharging our ability to reach millions more families living beyond the grid with essential energy access.”

Image courtesy Biolite