Bigtruck, the Lake Tahoe, CA-based lifestyle brand known for its snapback hats, added several members to its design and operations teams.

To help manage and support the brand’s growth, Bigtruck welcomed four new hires: Alison Matthews, brand designer; Derek Phillips, co-brand designer; Ben Rogers, operations manager; and Emily Bax, production manager.

In addition, Bigtruck moved into a larger, more purpose-built facility, enabling closer collaboration between the brand’s design, marketing, sales and manufacturing teams.

Alison Matthews, who has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, brings seven years of design experience to Bigtruck. Previously in design at two fitness companies, Matthews’ passion began in high school. As brand designer, she will oversee new styles and designs for Bigtruck’s signature hats.

Derek Phillips joins Bigtruck after a period of freelance design and artwork, including hand-making and hand-painting longboards. With a B.A. in commercial art, Phillips even rebranded logos as a child. As the co-brand designer, he will focus on collaborative design with all of Bigtruck’s co-brand partners.

As operations manager, Ben Rogers brings six years of manufacturing and management experience to Bigtruck. With a B.S. in engineering, Rogers will build systems across production and fulfillment, managing the flow of all raw and finished material.

Emily Bax joins Bigtruck with experience running an embroidery and screen print company. With a B.A. in business as well as a B.F.A., Bax is tasked with further integrating lean manufacturing principles into Bigtruck’s domestic production lines.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to have these four join our team,” remarked Galen Gifford, president and CEO of Bigtruck. “Alison and Derek bring such talent to our design team, and having Ben and Emily to help lead and evolve operations and manufacturing is great. We look forward to having them all on board.”

In an effort to serve and manage increasing global demand, Bigtruck expanded its sales team across North America, South America and Europe. New sales agencies are located in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Bigtruck added distributors in France and Chile.

Since 2010, Bigtruck has designed, marketed and manufactured hats.