Bigshot Archery LLC acquired Delta McKenzie Targets, a division of Easton.

Bigshot Archery supplies archery targets for shooting sports, including crossbows. Delta McKenzie is known for its line of 3D targets used by the ASA competition circuit and archery clubs.

Bigshot said in a release that acquiring Delta McKenzie, with its production facility located in Iowa, would add production capacity to Bigshot’s RealWild 3D targets, Titan foam targets and the Iron Man crossbow target line.

“We want to thank the Easton and the Delta McKenzie team for their phenomenal job in developing the world’s most iconic 3D brand and for investing in the equipment needed to power the most automated target production facility in the industry,” said Al Perelli, president of Bigshot Archery. “Going forward, products will be manufactured and inventoried at two state-of-the-art factories providing enhanced production and delivery capability.”

Aaron Lucky, Easton’s president, said, “Combining Bigshot’s innovative approach to product and marketing with the manufacturing expertise of Delta McKenzie will be powerful. We know that the industry will benefit greatly from their singular focus on developing advancements in target products and manufacturing processes going forward.”

“We also want to thank the Easton team for supporting the transition process and Tony Howells of Everlast Capital, who provided the expertise needed to facilitate the merger of two great target brands,” Perelli added.

Targets will continue to be sold and marketed under the Bigshot and Delta McKenzie brands, and Bigshot will continue to be represented by MWS Associates, while Delta McKenzie will continue to be represented by Summit Outdoor Sales. 

Photo courtesy of Delta McKenzie