As the coronavirus has closed gyms and kept people working out at home, Beachbody announced that its Beachbody On Demand streaming platform has surpassed two million subscribers.

Amid the unprecedented change in consumer workout habits, Beachbody On Demand has experienced record streaming volume since mid-March. The platform experienced its highest streaming week of all-time for the sixth consecutive time during the week of April 20, as nearly one million subscribers logged in to view 4.8 million videos.

“We have created a vast portfolio of the most engaging and effective fitness and nutrition content over the last 21 years and have seen several evolutions, but we have always maintained a holistic approach to losing weight, getting fit, and getting healthy,” said Beachbody co-founder and CEO Carl Daikeler. “The metrics are exciting because the more people engage with the content, the better their results, and the better their results, the more people engage with the content. It’s a virtuous cycle.”

Photo courtesy Beachbody