Registration for the 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon closed in record time Thursday as the maximum 45,000 participants signed up in 31 days for the 34th annual event. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon also announced that a record $12 million was raised by runners during the 2010 event for local, national and global charitable causes.

“We are no strangers to records at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon where numerous world-class athletic performances were achieved over the years; but these two records are truly meaningful as they speak to the enthusiasm from runners around the world who want to be a part of our event and the thousands who use the race to make a difference in their communities,” said Bank of America Chicago and Illinois Market President Tim Maloney. “It’s an honor to help enable opportunity for 45,000 runners to pursue their goals at an event that has such a significant economic and charitable impact on Chicago and beyond each year.”

Entry into the sold-out event can still be obtained through the Bank of America Chicago Marathon’s charity program, which has generated nearly $60 million since its inception in 2002. More than 90 affiliated nonprofits have available entries for the 2011 race. Visit for charity program details and information on how to register by joining a charity team.

“The record rate of registration is a tribute to the 34-year tradition of our event, as well as to our partners in the community, the city of Chicago and our sponsors who lend their support and resources in helping us produce a wonderful experience for our participants year after year,” said Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski. “We look forward to welcoming the class of 2011 to Chicago on October 9.”