Ballogy Inc. announced it is teaming with VYPE Media that distributes high school and youth sports media content.

Ballogy Combine Testing will now be offered at VYPE Hoops camps, tournaments and exposure events to expose players via VYPE Media publications and athletic profiles and leaderboards within the Ballogy app.

“Our mission is to offer athletes, coaches, families, students, fans, and the community a forum to engage and celebrate young athletes and their achievements – both on and off the field – across multiple ecosystems,” said Matt Malatesta, chief content officer for VYPE Media.

Ballogy’s performance analytics app measures, tracks and certifies athletic development using standardized assessments. Ballogy’s mobile app also offers an interactive social component that provides a forum for individual players to connect, compete, network, and share content with coaches, schools and teammates.

“Athletes at professional levels invest in progressive technologies to continue to excel in their sports at the highest level,” said Todd Young, Founder and CEO of Ballogy. “Making these same technology resources readily available to amateur athletes as they continue to grow is critical to their success. We are excited to partner with VYPE to shine the light on these incredible young athletes.”

Photo courtesy Ballolgy