Backpacker’s Pantry steadily increases in growth with a new distribution agreement with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Backpacker’s Pantry quality and innovation in gourmet outdoor meals continue to attract large retailers in the outdoor industry. The expanded distribution is accredited to Backpacker’s Pantry’s leadership in unique gourmet meals and snacks.

Backpacker’s Pantry products compliment the expansion of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ camping department. Backpacker’s Pantry products reflect the growing demand for packable, lightweight meals while in the outdoors. According to Jennifer Malone, Backpacker’s Pantry’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager, “Dick’s was attracted to Backpacker’s Pantry packaging and growing consumer demand for gourmet meal offerings, such as No-Cook Southwestern Smoked Salmon Pasta and Tiramisu desserts.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods currently operates 163 stores in 27 states throughout the Eastern half of the United States. With the prospect of Dick’s continued success and growth, Malone states, “We are excited about this distribution agreement because Dick’s is one of the fastest growing outdoor chains in the country. This agreement offers a lot of potential for Backpacker’s Pantry growth.”