Avia announced a new partnership deal with Troy Lee Designs (TLD), the southern California-based company that produces custom graphic designs for the “world’s fastest racers.” TLD will co-create a collection of AVIA racing shoes with a limited release per style.  The first AVIA/TLD shoes will hit retailers in June ’09 with a retail price starting at $125.00.

Additionally, the footwear partnership will extend to the race team and sponsored athletes of TLD with all members competing in the limited release footwear starting in the second half of ‘09.


“Troy is undoubtedly considered one of the most respected designers in the industry and has earned the freedom to be very selective with which brands he chooses to collaborate,” stated Ed Goldman, Vice President of Marketing for AVIA.  “We are honored to work with TLD on another project and cannot wait to unveil the first release of our limited edition race shoes to consumers in early summer.”


AVIA and its team of professional triathletes include Kenny Souza, Scott Tinley, Conrad Stoltz, Erika Csomor, Eduardo Sturla, Heather Wurtele, Trevor Wurtele, Melanie McQuaid, Amanda Felder, Steven Sexton, Angela Naeth, Bella Comerford, Saul Raisin and Pip Taylor.

American Sporting Goods, based in Aliso Viejo, CA, owns AVIA, And 1, rykä, Nevados, Yukon, X-Games Footwear, APEX, Turntec and Triple Five Soul Footwear.