Aussie Apparel Group, Ltd. announced that it had retained Los-Angeles-based A.D.D. Marketing & Advertising to manage its promotional and marketing efforts for its recently acquired brands. The company expects that A.D.D. will develop a marketing campaign to promote its Hot Tuna (surf/wakeboarding), Xisle (surf/skate), Piranha Boy and Piranha Girl brands (children’s surf). A.D.D. targets youth and youth-oriented audiences, which are expected to be the targeted demographics for the company’s apparel.

“We are pleased to attract such an experienced and successful firm to help build our brands,” said Bruce MacGregor, Aussie Apparel’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Its client base includes many of the most successful youth-oriented companies in America. We believe the timing is ideal, as we plan on aggressively building our direct sales force in the coming months in preparation for the launch of our brands at industry shows. Since the active apparel area has been one of the best performing sectors of retail, we are highly confident that through this premier marketing firm and our sales force, that we will be able to generate substantial interest in our product lines.”

The company recently completed the acquisition of the Hot Tuna, Xisle, Piranha Boy and Piranha Girl brands from Federation Group for $7.5 million. It expects to have separate marketing campaigns for each brand and to have Hot Tuna on retailers shelves by August.