Asics announced five growth-stage start-ups selected from around the world to be part of the global Asics Tenkan-Ten accelerator program. Applications for the program increased by over 60 percent in 2019 and were submitted by start-ups from 38 countries.

The solutions offered by the selected start-ups range from sports gamification technology and personalized nutrition coaching to a global community platform designed for endurance sports enthusiasts. The chosen start-ups are united by the commitment they share with Asics in getting the world moving through innovation in sports and well-being.

The 2019 ASICS TENKAN-TEN Businesses

Fun With Ballsa Munich-based venture founded in 2016, combines physical sports with interactive gaming technologies. They create new platforms which upgrade underused sports courts into immersive experiences to promote an active lifestyle to a broader audience.

Waybetter makes games that motivate people to reach healthy goals. Players who reach their goal win real money, funded by those who didn’t complete their challenge. The New-York based company has had over 900,000 players from all over the world who have collectively won $78M while walking or running a combined 124 million miles.

Racecheck is a community and race discovery platform for athletes. It is a one-stop solution to help athletes of all levels find, book and plan races around the world while connecting participants and facilitating the sharing of event experiences. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2016, Racecheck is used by over 1,200 race organisers to help promote their events to new audiences and drive entries.

MATCHi, a Swedish-based venture established in 2012, aims to simplify life for those who play or work with racket sports. MATCHi provides an online platform that connects racket sports venues and players with each other while managing venue bookings, payments and access control. MATCHi is the leader in the racket sports space with over 300,000 players using the platform across the Nordics.

OME Health, a UK-based business founded in 2016, specialises in personalized nutrition coaching to achieve specific health outcomes, based on biological testing. OME Health partners with health insurers and food companies to offer personalized nutrition plans.

“I’m very excited to be working with businesses who share our belief in the power of movement to help us feel better, both physically and mentally,” said Alistair Cameron, CEO of Asics EMEA. “We want to get more people moving, more often, so that they can experience a ‘sound mind in a sound body’. The innovations that the businesses are bringing to the sports and well-being industry will help us to achieve this goal.”

In 2018, Asics Tenkan-Ten program supported five start-ups, all of which have successfully completed the program while reaching their funding and business goals. Among the businesses, CURV LABS Inc and PYRATES Smart Fabrics have received additional investment from Asics Ventures Corporation as well as developed and executed collaborative projects with Asics.

The 2019 program has a duration of four months and has already started in the Asics EMEA Innovation Hub in Barcelona.

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