The successful relaunch of Asics Tiger for the sport lifestyle market two years ago has led to the brand’s newest iteration, a premium apparel collection that continues to differentiate the Japanese brand’s lifestyle business from Asics’ run identity.

As reported by Sportswear International, Asics is “redesigning its overall offer in order to focus more on lifestyle-oriented products and change their ratio of revenues from the present 80 percent sports/performance and 20 percent lifestyle to a 60 percent lifestyle and 40 percent performance ratio.”

The latest offering from Asics Tiger is designed around versatility, premium materials and attention to detail. The apparel collection features a high-grade mid-weight French terry fleece hoody and sweatshirt, as well as a premium tee, graphic tee and graphic tank. Asics Tiger also designed a wool snapback with a 3-D embroidered logo and three-tone colors to polish off the look. “We didn’t cut corners. We didn’t compromise,” the company stated on its website.

Photos courtesy Asics Tiger