Ashworth, Inc. has announced that Ashworth and Callaway Golf apparel have established a strategic educational alliance with the Association of Golf Merchandisers. The alliance was developed in response to AGM members' request for additional information and education on “Visual Merchandising” ideas and techniques.

This dedicated effort on behalf of Ashworth and Callaway Golf apparel will allow the AGM to continuously update their educational resources to their members. The series will feature segments on basic visual merchandising methods, elements of display, colorization, props, lighting, fixtures and signage. The format will allow the information to be used for staff training and development, as well as for reference.

“We recognize the mission of the AGM is education and we are pleased to be able to support the professional development and success of their members, especially as it relates to improving pro shop operations, sales and profits,” stated Randall Herrel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ashworth, Inc.

“The technical and financial support of Ashworth, Inc. allows the AGM to provide creative, updated visual merchandising materials that exist no where in our industry. The use of these resources will enable our members to expand their knowledge and lead to increased sales and profitability,” said Vicki Bernstein, AGM President.

The series will be sent to AGM members in CD-Rom and in DVD format. The initial installment will be sent in the Spring, followed by others throughout 2004.