Artilect announced that Sonia Lunardon has joined its team in the role of director of technical design and development.

Lunardon’s prior roles include almost a decade as a product development manager at The North Face and technical design roles at Fox Racing and Alpinestars. She joins design director Erica Cahn and co-founder and co-CEO Trent Bush on its design team. Lunardon, Cahn and Bush all bring decades of product design and development experience to advance the brand’s A/SYS technical apparel system.

“We are so excited to have Sonia on the Artilect team,” said Bush. “We’re building something different from day one, and Sonia brings an intense mix of passion, skill and experience to enable us to develop an entirely new technical apparel system on the core of innovation, sustainability and performance. Everyone on the Artilect team will be pushing each other to make amazing products, and Sonia will be a key component to reaching our goals. To be starting Artilect with Sonia and Erica bringing our product to life is just incredible.”

“When I first spoke with Trent and heard what the brand was about, I knew Artilect was a team – a movement – that I wanted to be part of,” said Lunardon. “It’s not every day that a new global force comes to market. We’re ready to shake things up and bring apparel to the market that blows people’s minds and elevates performance on every level.”

Photo courtesy Artilect