Arctic Cool, the cooling apparel start-up, said it has sold over 100,000 shirts since its launch on June 6, 2016.

Arctic Cool ( developed #HydroFreezeX Cooling Technology for dynamic sweat wicking, dispersion, and supplemental evaporative cooling that occurs the fabric and the skin. #HydroFreezeX serves as the best of both fabric worlds while stepping onto a higher plane of apparel science. The technology uses the body’s natural cooling process during high-energy activities. Sweat activates the fabric and is initially wicked away from the skin. #HydroFreezeX then disperses the moisture throughout the clothing fibers, keeping all areas equally dry.

Arctic Cool said the brand has been seen to aid in instances when individuals are working in extreme heat during the summer and also has been seen on celebrity influencers such as Mario Lopez, Star of Buns of Steel –Tamilee Webb, health & wellness author of the 5 Day Real Food Detox, Nikki Sharp, RawFood and YouTube Celebrity Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of FullyRaw, fitness enthusiast and Hispanic personality, Maria Teresa Guerrero, five-times Mr. Universe bodybuilder and fitness coach, Dewayne Malone, and NFL athletes such as Charles James II.

Arctic Cool said it will soon expand into shorts and children’s apparel. Arctic Cool’s Instant Cooling apparel line currently includes: t-shirts, tank tops, workwear, long sleeve items, and accessories for men and women.

Photo courtesy Arctic Cool