Aqua Lung America of Vista, CA. has voluntarily recalled about 1,900 Apeks WTX Power Inflators due to drowning hazard, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced.

The recall involves all models of the Apeks WTX power inflator, which is the black mouthpiece with the two brass buttons at the end of the corrugated hose used to inflate a buoyancy vest. The oral inflator button is not properly bonded to the oral stem and can fall off during use, posing a leak of the buoyancy compensator contents. This poses a drowning hazard. Aqua Lung America has received one report of a consumer’s oral inflate button falling off during use. No injuries have been reported.

Some of the recalled components were included on complete air cells. Those model numbers are: 388032, 388060, 388080, 388145, 388260, and 42775. The model number of the air cell can be found on the tag sewn on the center of the air cell or bladder.

The product was manufactured in California and sold at diving stores in the U.S. and Canada from November 2006 through March 2010 for between $53 and $70 for the component and between $280 and $520 for the air cells.

For an image of the product, please visit the CPSC page here.