Amp Human, the company behind PR Lotion, received a major investment from Next Ventūres, a venture capital firm co-founded by Lance Armstrong, that focuses on opportunities in the sports, fitness, nutrition and wellness markets.

The other primary founder is investment industry veteran Lionel Conacher, who will assume a seat on Amp’s board.

The investment will be used to grow the sales and marketing teams for Amp Human’s first product PR Lotion, which is an electrolyte lotion that uses a patent-pending skin absorption technology to neutralize acid buildup in muscles during exercise. The company also plans to establish a scientific advisory board and expand its R&D for additional products in its pipeline.

“Our firm is focused on investing in innovative products that solve a universal fitness need and PR Lotion is an excellent example of a breakthrough product that solves a major problem for the mass market athlete as well as for the elite competitive athlete,” said Lance Armstrong, Next Ventūres’ managing partner. “We have early access to many new products, but we knew as soon as we got to know the Amp Human team and tested their product that this company would lead the way in producing market-leading products that create better athletic performance while solving associated limiters. This goes to the heart of what we are looking to invest in and partner with.”

PR Lotion is the only product able to deliver bicarb (sodium bicarbonate or baking soda) a natural electrolyte to working muscles, neutralizing the acid buildup that occurs during exercise. Independent studies have shown PR Lotion to increase the number of exercise intervals to exhaustion by 25 percent and to decrease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by 53 percent.

Bicarb’s ability to aid muscle endurance is well documented, but ingesting it has unpleasant results. PR Lotion is the first to use a patent-pending process that allows the body to absorb bicarb through the skin, now making the long-standing practice of bicarb loading practical for all athletes. Amp Human’s founders, Jeff Byers and Erica Good, met at the biotech firm that developed this delivery technology, licensing the technology and creating the brand a year ago.

“My co-founder, Erica Good and I are honored that a firm like Next Ventures has joined forces with Amp Human,” said CEO Jeff Byers. “As a company, our goal is nothing less than to establish a new horizon for human athletic achievement. PR Lotion is the first step. We will continue to identify the limiters of human performance and develop products that address those limiters.”

Amp Human is based in Park City, UT.