American Express announced that it has launched its new “Let’s Go Shop Small” campaign with more than a $100 million commitment to inspire consumers to support small businesses worldwide through its year-round Shop Small campaign.

The campaign builds on its commitment in 2020 to encourage U.S. consumers to Shop Small to support local businesses as they continue to recover from the pandemic. American Express is also supporting small businesses digitally in collaboration with Pinterest with a focus on helping Black-owned small businesses recover from the pandemic through its Coalition to Back Black Businesses.

A new Shop Small Summer Study from American Express revealed that almost half of survey respondents (47 percent) said they are concerned about their business’ profits over the next few months when their regular customers travel during the summer. According to the study, shopping small over summer weekends alone can inject $27 billion into the U.S. national economy.

In 2020, American Express rolled out its largest global Shop Small campaign with a $200 million commitment to jumpstart spending at small businesses impacted by the pandemic.

“Local businesses like retail shops, restaurants and personal services were severely impacted by prolonged lockdowns since last year and they continue to need our help in order to make up for lost revenues,” said Elizabeth Rutledge, CMO, American Express. “This is why we are committed to keeping shopping small top-of-mind for consumers as they get back out, during summer weekends, which are typically peak shopping moments for businesses and consumers alike.”

Photo courtesy AP