AmeriBag Inc., creator of the Healthy Back Bag tote, launched its newest division, AmeriBag Outdoors. In January 2010, AmeriBag acquired Cerf Brothers Bag Company, which manufactures
and distributes HideAway, CampInn and Browning gear lines.

The announcement was made today by Irwin Gaffin, President and CEO of AmeriBag, Inc.
“We are excited about the launch of this new division,” states Gaffin,  “Our initiatives will be efficiently executed with a new administration team working on these well respected lines. AmeriBag Outdoors will focus on product development and research to ensure the output of product is the highest quality possible.”
The core principles of AmeriBag will cycle into AmeriBag Outdoors. This includes, efficiency, timely distribution, pristine customer service and highly valued merchandise. AmeriBag Outdoors' product lines will reflect new management's vision and extreme attention to detail.
Erik Specht, President of AmeriBag Outdoors adds, “The company has implemented new systems and a team of marketing professionals that these brands have not had the benefit of accessing before. We are primed to position AmeriBag Outdoors as a distributor of the three outstanding brands, in addition to building relationships with new licensors, and pursuing new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) opportunities.”
The company will seek to expand the division with additional mergers and acquisitions and line extensions, while actively pursuing more licensed programs that fit within niche markets within the outdoor sport lifestyle arena.
Headed by Specht, the new division will operate at the corporate headquarters of AmeriBag, Inc., in Kingston, New York. Its products will be distributed through sporting and outdoor retailers, online retailers, and direct sales. The executive team consists of Vice President of Sales Ron Hyde and Vice President of Product Development Lonnie Drosihn.
AmeriBag Inc. acquired Cerf, formerly known as Cerf Brothers Bag Company. HideAway®, Browning® and CampInn® brands will now be manufactured under the AmeriBag Outdoors umbrella. All products will be warehoused at the corporate headquarters of AmeriBag. Products include daypacks, duffels, wheeled luggage, travel kits, stuff sacks, camping hardware and dry bags.  Cerf Brothers Bag Company was acquired by AmeriBag, Inc. and named Cerf Products, Inc. in 2010.